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Product Description

Masamune is a pedal for creating sounds. It forges your dry signal, improving it before delivering it to your amp and/or effects unit. The Booster provides useful colour to your signal, and you can reduce high frequencies on the Input signal with the Hi-reduce Toggle Switch if necessary after adjusting the boost and drive settings.

Masamune's Kompressor does an excellent job of controlling and improving your signal: The Komp Level knob regulates the Compressor's ultimate Output level, properly balancing your Input and Output signals. The Sustain knob modifies the compression ratio and boosts the sustain. Higher sustain levels crush your signal when you hit the strings harder, resulting in a longer, fuller sustain. The Blend knob changes the compressor transparency from 50% to 100%, allowing you to dial in the precise amount of compressed dry-signal blend you desire.


  • State of the art Boost & Compressor effects
  • Inside Routing Control
  • Pure Analogue 
  • Powered by external 9Vdc power supply (not included)
  • Compatible power supply HERE


Compressor Pedal
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NUX Masamune Booster & Compressor Pedal

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