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Wood is given new life by F-ONE. F-ONE is made with a complex blend of the finest ultra-refined tree and seed oils to clean, condition, and preserve your fretboard/fingerboard. This product contains no water, silicone, waxes, petroleum distillates, or extracts of lemon oil. Due to the presence of d-limonene, a potent solvent used to dissolve paint and glue, we decided against using lemon oil. Additionally, we think that over time, the high levels of acidity in lemon oil can dry up the fretboard, requiring more frequent fretboard maintenance.

Your fretboard will always appear brand-new, continue to play beautifully, and feel smooth thanks to F-ONE. The wood may dry rapidly and keep its brand-new appearance for months because to our ground-breaking solution, which penetrates and cures the wood. For all unfinished rosewood, ebony, and maple fretboards, we only use 100% natural oils. F-ONE oil is used in some of the most famous repair shops in the world.


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Music Nomad MN105 Fretboard F-ONE Oil - Cleaner & Conditioner

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